Ostrich Land USA in Buellton CA

Located near Buellton, California, the Ostrich Land USA is a fun roadside attraction for families.  This 33-acre facility is home to a flock of emus and ostriches. It's a great place to take the kids for a photo opp and get up close to some big birds.

Ostrich Land USA in Buellton CA


The ostriches are huge and robust. The males weigh over 350 pounds, while the females are just slightly smaller. The ostriches grow to maturity in about two to three years. The females lay about forty to sixty eggs each year. The eggs are big enough to feed a village.

The ostrich is considered the ultimate environmentally friendly bird. It doesn't require any chemicals to stay healthy. It also has the highest feed-to-weight ratio of any land animal. The ostriches' long legs allow them to run up to forty miles per hour. The ostriches produce about 1.5 pounds of feathers each season. The ostriches have the strongest immune system of all land animals.

A visit to OstrichLand USA is an unforgettable experience. You can feed the ostriches, learn about their lives, or even purchase ostrich meat. The farm is also home to some bunnies and a flock of emus. You can purchase a gift shop of t-shirts, novelty items, and ostrich eggshell paintings. Ostrich jerky is also available for sale.

It's easy to see why ostriches are so popular. They're large, strong, and have a strong immune system. They're also relatively cheap to feed. For just $1, you can buy a bowl of feed to feed the ostriches.